Who Are Some Male Blonde Celebrities

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Who Are Some Male Blonde Celebrities

I think that being blonde has been a fashion tradition which has lasted long than what we think, starting from celebrities like Jean Harlow.Blond hair is characterized by low levels of the dark pigment melanin. However most of these male celebrities have gone blond because of their careers. Some people have been misinterpreting the trend to be for gays, but i know of some top celebrities with blond hair but are not gays.

Just like women they have their own favorite hairstyles, also men who have blond hair have a strong passion for it. Having colored hair would look as a laddish thing but even men who do it well look good.

Anyway, having blond hair is quite special and almost trendy especially when you have natural blond hair. If you do not have the natural blond hair, there is a solution for that. You can use bleaching chemicals to color your hair and create your own style.

I have noticed many football celebrities who have used this method of bleaching their hair so that they can look different while on the field. Having blond hair for men is more than looking good, it is a way of branding them selves, a way of getting traffic to their careers.

Male Blonde Celebrities

Brad Pitt

His blond hair looks stylish and it matches with his face. Blond hair makes a man look younger and fabulous. When you look at Brad Pitt’s blond hair, you even get inspired to have a blond style as well. So those who think that having blonde hair is for ladies only, think twice. Men might even look better than women with blonde hair.

Image source: zimbio.com

Nick carter

Look at his back and side sections, they were taper cut short creating a stylish look, and the top part is left to grow longer. I f you want looks like this, you must have medium hair and a longer face. What ever you might think of men with blond hair, this is a classic style. I just like the freedom that comes with it.

Image Source: teenidols4you.com

Matthew McConaughey

His hair is styled to the back, it features long layers on the top and shorter layers on the sides. If you want a style like this, you can wear it down and straight just like Matthew. If you want to create this punk look, simply apply a strong hold gel and try to position your hair the way you want it. I like his style too, it is a brave blond hair style.


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